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Bathtub, Kitchen Sink, Fiberglass Bathtub/ Shower, Shower Pan

Refinishing can completely change the look of anything whether it is garage or a bathtub of your bathroom. This method is used at different level to get the best results from it. This process can extend the lifespans of different parts of a home with minimum budget.


Bathtub Refinishing

Replacing a bathtub is an expensive and time-consuming project which involves ripping of your walls to add a new bath tub. Most people want to have an unusual and unique bathtub but a clean bathtub can give you more comfortable bath activity. 

Bathtub refinishing will take some hours to get your bathtub ready again for you. A complete examination is recommended before starting the project of bathtub refinishing. It is not possible to complete the project of bathtub refinishing without repairing small cracks in the bathtub so it will be the first step. It is important to remove different stains from the bathtub if you want the best results. This project can save your investment of replacement and will give you the same result. Bathtub refinishing is a favorite project for different commercial places like hotels, motels and restaurants. There are different companies providing the services of refinishing bathtubs but you should choose with care and caution. A professional service provider with good repute in the market can help you to reach the best level of satisfaction while dealing with the project of bathtub refinishing. New surface is the trusted name in the market to get the guaranteed services related to bathtub refinishing. You will be amazed at the results of our experienced and skilled team which is ready to serve the customers.

Get in touch with us and consider your job done within the minimum time.


Kitchen Sink Refinishing

Kitchen is busiest places of home where food is prepared for all the members of family. This part of home needs upgradation with the time to meet the requirements of residents. Most people overlook this part which is not a wise decision at all. Interestingly, this part has involvement of gas, water and electricity at the same time which can cause major damage at any time. Kitchen sink is a plumbing fixture which is used to wash dishes. It is installed at the best place where supply of water is convenient. Kitchen sink holds the place of focal point in the kitchen due to involvement of water. There are different materials like ceramics, stainless steel and fiber are used for kitchen sinks. Different activities can cause damage to the kitchen sinks and refinishing is the solid solution for it. It is very challenging and difficult task but it saves a lot of time and money of customers. Kitchen sinks are mostly installed according to the theme and replacement will disturb the whole setting of your kitchen. A professional contractor will present you a suitable solution if you consider kitchen sink refinishing project at your kitchen. Different materials need different handling and only professionals can handle this matter.

New Surface is the only name who is always there to help the customers according to their needs. Our expert team has unique solutions for customers looking for budget-friendly and suitable solutions. We care a lot about our customers and their satisfaction is our priority. New surface is the trusted name in the market to get the guaranteed services related to bathtub refinishing. You will be amazed at the results of our experienced and skilled team which is ready to serve the customers. Get in touch with us and consider your job done within minimum time.


It is true that the market is full of different materials for different parts of baths like sinks, bathtubs, and showers but fiberglass is a popular material. Fiberglass is used for bathtubs due to its longevity, less weight, and easy handling. Although fiberglass is the sturdiest material and damage to fiberglass is not possible very easily but unprofessional handling can do this.

Crack is most common damage to the fiberglass which is done due to unwanted burden at fiberglass tub. Sometimes bathtub replacement is not possible and people look for a budget-friendly solution for this issue. Fiberglass bathtub finishing can help you if want to control your damage within a minimum budget. This method is also used at a commercial level where replacement is not an easy option for owners. It is not possible to complete the fiberglass bathtub refinishing without hiring any professional with enough experience. A complete examination will be the first step to start the refinishing of your fiberglass bathtub. A professional will be equipped with advanced tools to provide the best results.

New surface makes no compromise on the quality whether it is installation or refinishing of fiberglass bathtub. Our team will examine the condition of your fiberglass bathtub to prevent the further damages. We have enough experience to handle any kind of damage to your fiberglass bathtub so there is no need to worry after reaching us. We understand the fact that delivering a project before time makes a long-time impact on the minds of customers.


Shower Refinishing

It is ironic that a bathroom is a place where we go to clean ourselves but in many cases, our bathroom is the dirtiest place in our home. It contains different types of germs growing in the different areas of the bathroom like sinks, showers, and toilets. The shower is an important part of the bathroom used to wash the body through the spray of water.

Designs and materials of showers have upgraded with time and people prefer the matching shower according to the design of the whole bathroom. Improper handling of showers can cause damage to the shower as they are mostly made of normal materials. These materials are used due to easy handling and can be replaced easily. Shower refinishing is also an option for customers when early replacement is not possible. This will take minimum time and your shower will be ready to use for washing. Different stains can be removed with the help of different removals available in the market. Some people prefer to do this at home which is not a suitable idea as showers involve water running. You can take help from your family members if you don’t find the right person to handle this issue professionally.

Some online portals are available to get complete information related to common issues of showers. New surface provides the complete solution regarding common issues faced by customers at the busiest places of a home. You just need to reach us with the best communication source and rest will be our responsibility.


Show Pan Refinishing

Water leakage is the most common problem in the bathroom which can lead to major damage. This problem can be from the sink, showers, and bathtubs where water is used for different purposes. There are different methods used to control water leakage before and after the construction of a bathroom. The shower pan is a waterproof barrier made of different materials which are mostly available in the shape of a pan. It is installed under the roof tiles of a shower to catch the seeping water through the tiles. The shower pan directs this water towards drainage after accumulating in one place. The shower pan has different types which are installed according to the condition of different areas. The installation of a shower pan is considered an essential part of a modern bathroom. Shower pan refinishing can save the headache of replacing your shower pan which is not an easy task at all. Replacement of shower pan involves the complete destruction of roof tiles and a lot of time which is not possible for many homeowners. Shower pan refinishing can give an aesthetic feel to your bathroom within a minimum budget. It is impossible to get refinishing services for your shower pan without hiring a professional contractor with enough experience in handling such issues in the bathroom. New surface makes sure to provide guaranteed services to customers different from the market. We always try to remove the source of the issue to prevent our customers from further consequences. We value the satisfaction of our customers more than anything.

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What People Say

We are highly impressed with the bathtub refinishing service provided by New Surface, something we needed for such a long time and have got finally. These guys helped us in making our old damaged bathtub to a new one and did their job professionally & on time.
Andrew William
Sacramento CA
Well i used to think that buying a new bathtub would be a better idea. But after getting it fixed for so cheap. I will really recommend everyone to get it fixed rather than have a new one. I am extremely happy with bathtub refinishing services of New Surface.
Sammie Lindsay
Citrus Heights CA
I just had my bathroom tub refinished. I am very impressed with the bathtub refinishing services of New Surface. Cracked and chipped was there in my old tub, but now they all disappeared and started to look like new.
Thank you very much.
Sam Higgin
Rancho Cordova CA