Paint for Bathtubs and Showers: Complete Guide

Want to paint your bathtubs and shower to give them a unique look? Looking for an appropriate service for painting purposes? If your answer is yes, here we have discussed an important guide that can help you in this matter.

Applying paint to the important items of the building has become essential these days. It is because these items must be appropriate according to the theme of the building or a house. Moreover, paint comes with a lot of benefits that justify its importance in the market. Paints act as a resisting element that protects the actual item from various types of damage. For instance, it resists water and hence avoids harms that can occur due to a moist environment. It also acts as a barrier against many types of stains. Many paints have nonstick properties. It makes them easy to be cleaned. Moreover, they are available in different colors. You can select the best one that you like the most. It will give your belongings a highly fascinating appearance.

Bathtubs and showers are also included in those items that you can paint. You can match their color with the theme of your washroom. It will enhance the captivity of your bath. It will also enhance the usability of these items. It is because it will prevent them from being deteriorated. However, many people are unaware of the type of paint that is used in this matter. The following guide will give you appropriate information about painting your bathtubs and showers.

Steps to Paint Bathtub and Shower

If you are planning to paint your bathtub and shower, you must have good knowledge in this regard. You can face many problems if you paint these items without knowing anything about it. This article will surely help you in this regard.

Gather the tools

The first and the most important step in this matter is gathering the tools. Technical work cannot be done without suitable equipment. New tools are always preferred as they are efficient. You may use various devices while doing the painting work. Scrapers and cleaning fabrics are always required to initiate the process. Application of the paint is impossible without a paint gun or paintbrush. Choose the one that is comfortable for you. Never go for difficult options. Sandpapers and cleaning mats can also be used for the finishing process.

Thorough cleaning is mandatory

Cleaning is included in the most essential things to do while painting. If the surface is not cleaned, you may face various troubles. The roughness of the surface will not go away without cleaning. It is highly difficult for paint to stick on a rough surface. You can wash the surface by using suitable detergents in this regard. Use appropriate fabric that can help you to remove all the dust from it.

Remove hardware and cover the rest

Hardware is the accessories that are attached to bathtubs and showers. You do not need to paint them. Therefore, you must remove them. It is difficult for you to uninstall the bathtub, and take it to a painting area. The most suitable method is to bring the painting gun to your washroom and the cover area around your bathtub with suitable clothes or tapes. It will prevent the spilling of paint on the floor or wall of your bathroom.

Etching and scrubbing

Etching and scrubbing are highly important for fine paint application. Etching is done with the help of etching powder. It smoothens the surface and gives it an elegant look. After this, a scrubbing paper is used that additionally makes the surface plane and ready to stick to the paint. You need to scrub every corner of the bathtub so that the surface looks homogeneous.

Apply paint, let it dry

The slippery and shiny surface is now ready for paint application. You can use various devices to apply the paint to the surface. A brush is one of the most commonly used tools in this regard. However, trained people can use it for fine application of the paint. The hot gun is the best option to do this task without any discomfort. It is because this device is highly easy to use. Moreover, it is popular for the uniform application of the paint. After you apply the paint, you need to let it dry for 3 to 4 days.

Importance of Hiring Professionals

To paint your bathtub and shower, you can hire a professional if you find it difficult to do it yourself. These professional services can be highly advantageous for you. It is because they save your time and money. They get the best quality material for you at cheap rates. Moreover, they have trained staff who can complete the task assigned to them readily. They also guarantee their work. It ensures that the work done by these professionals will last long. If the paint does not remain intact within the guaranteed period. Clients can file a claim for free services.


Paints have become essential to make many items attractive and long-lasting. Bathtub and shower painting is not an easy task to perform. If you are unaware of the right method to do this, go for a professional service. They can serve you beneficially in this regard.


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