Bathtub Resurfacing & Reglazing

Looking for the best bathtub resurfacing & reglazing service in Sacramento, CA? New Surface is the best choice in this regard.

Putting a fresh coat on your home, repairing the flaws, updating the design of your home, and resurfacing can lead you to a completely new look for your home. The bathroom and kitchen are the most used parts of the home and make a major impact on the visitors and guests.


Many people are unaware of what parts should be updated when it comes to bathroom resurfacing. If you refinish your bathtub, you will completely change the feel of your bathroom within a minimum time. This process completely restores the shine of your old bathtub and you will not feel the difference between a new and a reglazed. Many stain removals like bleach and urethane and polymer are used for this process according to the surface of the bathtub. The bathtub refurbishing process is very convenient as opposed to a total replacement. Replacing your bathtub can destroy the tiles, roof, and plumbing adjustment but reglaze will take only some hours and you can take a bath again in your tub.

Bathtub resurfacing can be a further step if you are looking to update your bathroom but want to add some changes to your bathroom. A clean and resurface tub will make a big difference in the whole aesthetic of your bathroom. Bath resurfacing can help you to save money if you are concerned with the budget while dealing with your remodeling project. It is to remember that these small steps will help you to attract more customers if you are a real estate agent. Small investments made on resurfacing and reglazing can give you much profit if you do it before putting your home for sale.

Why is bathtub resurfacing and reglazing important?

Professional bathtub refinishing can be highly beneficial for you. Let us discuss some of their advantages to justify their importance.

1- People prefer to buy the things that give them long-lasting benefits. The same is the case with the bathtub. Users always want their bathtub to be usable for a long duration. Resurfacing and reglazing can help them do this without much discomfort. You can update everything included in your washroom with the help of these methods. It enhances the functionality of the bathtub which can be beneficial for you.

2- We know that people always run after modern trends. They always want to give their belongings an innovative look. You can resurface your bathtub and make it new in appearance. You can also install some innovative accessories in our bathtub to follow the modern market trends.


Why hire New Surface?

New Surface can help you if you are looking to hire a professional bathtub refinishing service. We know that our clients require the best from us. Therefore, we pay good attention to the needs of our customers. We have experts who can easily understand the requirements of the people. Hence, you do not need to worry about the quality of the work. We also provide you with the best results, readily. Therefore, our prime concern is to hire efficient workers. They can finish their task without wasting much time. Give us a chance and you will be amazed at the results of our professional and experienced team.

As a professional service provider, we provide many facilities that can be beneficial for you. We began to serve our clients as a refinishing service in 1992. Having significant experience, we can understand nearly all the needs of our customers. Bathtub refinishing in Sacramento CA is not an easy task. Therefore, you need to trust us in this matter. We offer the best workers who have good knowledge in this field. Moreover, we never compromise on the quality of the material used for finishing purposes. Hence, if you approach us to refinish your bathtub, you can enjoy long-lasting benefits without paying much for them.


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We provide bathroom resurfacing and reglazing services in: Sacramento CA, Citrus Heights CA, Rancho Cordova CA, Fair Oaks CA, Roseville CA, Elk Grove CA, and Carmichael CA.

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What People Say

We are highly impressed with the bathtub refinishing service provided by New Surface, something we needed for such a long time and have got finally. These guys helped us in making our old damaged bathtub to a new one and did their job professionally & on time.
Andrew William
Sacramento CA
Well i used to think that buying a new bathtub would be a better idea. But after getting it fixed for so cheap. I will really recommend everyone to get it fixed rather than have a new one. I am extremely happy with bathtub refinishing services of New Surface.
Sammie Lindsay
Citrus Heights CA
I just had my bathroom tub refinished. I am very impressed with the bathtub refinishing services of New Surface. Cracked and chipped was there in my old tub, but now they all disappeared and started to look like new.
Thank you very much.
Sam Higgin
Rancho Cordova CA