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About Us
About Us
After years of use, your shower stall or bathtub can become stained from soap scum, rust and other sediment, become cracked, or even begin to lose portions of its surface. The resulting eyesore can bring down the look of your bathroom and make it seem less inviting.
If you are thinking of giving your bathroom a makeover you might be thinking along the lines of replacing the jaded looking shower-stall or bathtub. However, it’s a known fact in home remodeling that when you change one thing, something adjacent would get affected. It is easier and more cost-effective to resurface or reglaze your bathroom to make it seem welcoming and relaxing again.
Doing a good resurfacing and reglazing is an art. You need professionals who can give your bathroom look as good as new. New Surface has been serving the Sacramento region since 1992, and we take care of chips, cracks and other miscellaneous repairs you may need. We have a reputation for quality and long-lasting outcomes
Mission of business

At New Surface our mission is to supply customers with an addordable and lasting alternative to replacing bathtubs, sinks and showers. The process on an average takes one day and the oil come is a beautiful new finish.

We restore bathtubs, sinks(kitchen and bathroom), tile and fiberglass that are worn abused, demaged or just older and hard to clean. A new surface is applied without needing to replace them,Very cost effective and time saving